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I aim to use this blog to keep up my English and maybe give others some insights in Swedish language. It's not a diary - well not quite...


Växter/PlantsPosted by Gunvor 2013-06-02 12:45:34

Alm, Ulmus glabra, is ‘elm’. Alm and elm have roots back to a Germanic *elmaz, the same tree as Latin ulmus, all back to an Indoeuropean root, also with a shoot giving name to another tree: Swedish al , English alder, Latina alnus. The Indoeuropean root *el- should mean ‘red’ or ‘reddish brown’, which anybody who has seen an alder stump would understand. Another word with the same origin is älg, elk .

This young elm flowering near the path is probably the child of the big one on my neighbour’s lawn. Both look healthy and fortunately they probably grow too far from other elms for the awful Dutch elm disease to reach them.

Oh yes, the Latin adjectiv glaber, glabra, glabrum, means 'smooth', 'shiny' Probably because of the leaves.

I found a much better picture of the leaves here:

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Posted by Gunvor 2013-06-23 20:08:30

Ja, men det var länge länge sen!

Posted by Inga M 2013-06-14 07:09:50

Så eventuell likhet mellan alm och älg hänger alltså ihop med färgen; rödbrun antar jag.