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I aim to use this blog to keep up my English and maybe give others some insights in Swedish language. It's not a diary - well not quite...


Teknik/TechnologyPosted by Gunvor 2011-12-08 18:36:59

Trumma is ’drum’ but also ‘duct’, ‘conduit’. Hisstrumma: ’elevator shaft‘. Vägtrumma: ‘culvert’, ‘road drain’.

Trumma, English drum, German Trommel is probably onomatopoetic, a common Germanic word first meaning “a long, tube-like musical wind instrument”. From that came the sense of ‘shaft’, ‘cylinder’. The meaning ‘drum’ probably originated in Middle Low German. From the Old French version, trompe came the diminutive trompette, from which derives trumpet.

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