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I aim to use this blog to keep up my English and maybe give others some insights in Swedish language. It's not a diary - well not quite...


NaturföreteelserPosted by Gunvor 2011-04-06 21:20:47

Gång can have different meanings, but al are related to the verb .

1) En gång, gången - walking, gait

2) En gång, gången flera gångar, gångarna - 'tunnel', 'corridor'

This is en sorkgång. Sork (en sork, sorken, flera sorkar, sorkarna) is 'vole' or 'field-mouse', and they have had a wonderful winter, making tunnels in the snow above ground. Now they must creep back below.

3) En gång - 'once' , den gången - at that time' , flera gånger - 'many times' , de gångerna - 'those times'. Gånger is 'multiplication'. the verb att gångra is 'to multiplicate'