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Växter/PlantsPosted by Gunvor 2012-07-01 23:15:17

Skär is ‘pink’ or ‘light red’. I used to feel it was a beautiful word, but some years ago I learned that it is out of fashion: I complimented a small girl on her dress. She took offence and told me indignantly that the dress certainly wasn’t skär - it was rosa. Possibly the word’s fall in grace is due to the derogatory term grisskär, literally ‘pink as a pig’. Rosa is of course ‘rose’coloured’, which sounds more romantic.

Well, anyway, the origin of skär isn’t romantic: it comes from French couleur de chair – ‘the colour of meat'.

The plants with the pink flowers are vänderot, Valeriana officinalis. I bought one many years ago, and don’t know now whether these are descended from that one or are wild relatives. The Latin word valeriana is supposed to be created from the name of the Hungarian province Valeria and a suffix –iana. (Jens Corneliuson – Växternas namn).

Addition on July 4th: Wild relatives down by the stream: