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Fåglar/BirdsPosted by Gunvor 2012-04-14 21:44:24

Bergfink, fringilla montifringilla, is ’brambling’.

This male brambling was passing through here a couple of days ago from his winter holidays in Central or Southern Europe to his breeding place somewhere in the North. In the photo he is enjoying some sunflower seeds together with his relatives, bofinkar, ‘chaffinches’ and a smaller bird, grönsiska, ‘siskin’.

Bergfink, and the Latin species name montifringilla both mean literally ‘mountain finch’.

Berg is ‘mountain’ or ‘rock’, related to e.g. Danish bjerg and German Berg. It is a common Germanic word *bergaz from an Indoeuropean root *bheregh- 'high', 'elevated'. The Modern English version is barrow, ‘burial mound’. English ice-berg is borrowed from Dutch.

Fink is is borrowed from Low German vinke, same as German Fink and English Finch, Germanic *finkiz, *finkjon, probably originally onomatopoetic.

I didn’t find much about brambling, but probably it is derived from brambles, the prickly bushes where the bird might carry on in Wintertime in Britain.