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Däggdjur/MammalsPosted by Gunvor 2012-02-03 23:22:10

Lo, lodjur is lynx. Lo comes from Germanic *luha-, from the Indoeuropean root
*luk- from which also comes Latin lynx via Greek. *luk means ‘to shine’, and from that comes Swedish ljus and English light as well as Latin lux and luna and Greek leukos 'white'. The lynx got its name so long ago so we can only guess why, perhaps because of the colour of the fur or eyes gleaming in the dark.

This track was found on our road a week ago before the last snows came. A couple of years before we saw a lynx strolling across the field in about the same direction. I do worry about the safety of our domestic cats when this happens so close to the house, but this big cat makes me happy - I feel awe, as if an angel walks by. (When I see a wolf I feel the exact opposite – anger.)

Update February 05: A neighbour tells me he saw the tracks of a lynx yesterday (probably the same), who caught an hare and ate every scrap of it; then a deer came by and he jumped after it, but the deer got away.